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Green Transition

Denmark and California are two of the world’s frontrunners within energy and the environment. The shared priorities and complementary strongholds provide fertile grounds for collaboration on policy, research & innovation and business opportunities for companies with green technology and know-how.

At the Consulate General of Denmark and Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley we work to build partnerships between California and Denmark for a sustainable future. Denmark and California are two of the world’s frontrunners within energy and the environment, with highly ambitious energy, climate, and environmental goals, innovative companies and world class research.

Denmark is an entrepreneurial green frontrunner, where energy and environmental policies, research and innovative Danish companies have placed Denmark among world leaders in green and efficient energy and water technology for increased energy efficiency, reduced emissions and clean drinking water. California has a strong track record of developing, implementing and scaling innovative technologies and initiatives, also driven by ambitious state goals and policies.

In Silicon Valley, our skilled team of advisors create access to knowledge, networks and markets, facilitating knowledge-sharing between government authorities, utilities, NGO’s, research institutions, startups, investors and corporates working with green technologies. By drawing on the excellent and innovative ecosystems and green solutions from both sides of the Atlantic – ranging from energy efficiency components and electrolysis to water purification methods – we contribute to developing, deploying and scaling the green technologies needed to achieve global climate goals for a decarbonized future.

Read more below about who we are, how we can assist and what insights California has to offer.

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