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Climatetech Innovation

Collaboration with the Silicon Valley and California ecosystem for climate tech, research and innovation holds great potential as an avenue for development and scaling of the green technologies of a decarbonised future. Read how we can assist you through knowledge, network and advisory services. 

going green together faster.

Denmark has long been at the forefront of the renewable energy transition and aims to be a global frontrunner on the path to decarbonizing the economy. However, global climate goals can only be achieved by forging international partnerships. And where better to look than California where ambitions are high, innovation is everywhere, and capacity to scale transformative technologies is amply demonstrated?

The Silicon Valley innovation and tech ecosystem is unparalleled and has much to offer stakeholders in the climate tech space. If you are looking for knowledge of new green technologies, inspiration on green business models and innovation practices, or if you are in search of partners, testbeds or funding to scale, Innovation Centre Denmark can help you.
We can assist with;

Want to learn about new green business models, emerging technologies, new investment trends to accelerate your corporate sustainability innovation effort?
Get valuable advice from local mentors and innovators in climate tech, get feedback on your business model and fit for the Californian market, or learn how to pitch for Silicon Valley VCs via our green startup programs. 

Get plugged into the ecosystem of green investors, accelerators, world-class research communities, and large off-takers of green solutions (from utilities and cities to big tech companies) to validate the market and develop pilot projects to scale up your business.


Get the latest insights on research and development activities in California and well as grant opportunities that can support partnership activities with Californian stakeholders.

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