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Energy Efficiency Advisory

The Energy Efficiency Advisory connects the best Danish solutions within energy efficiency with the great state of California and creates possibilities for Danish companies to expand across North America.

California has some of the most progressive energy efficiency policies in the U.S. These policies path the way for great innovation and testing of cutting-edge technology. California has ambitious energy efficiency goals for the future and that requires new developing technologies. Denmark is also depending on Danish companies to develop new solutions if the nordic country want to reach the goals set for the future. The similarities between Denmark and California are many in this area, yet they have very different approaches to solving the issues. The reason for this difference lays in various factors such as technological development as well as the local climate which provides very different methods for producing and storing energy.


The Energy Efficiency Advisory (EEA) is an acknowledgment of the fact that while we may be on opposite sides of the planet and our approaches sometimes may be different, we share the common value of progressive and ambitious energy efficiency goals. The goal of the EEA is to utilize this common ground for mutual benefits by providing Danish solutions and approaches to energy efficiency, with an opportunity to enter the Californian market, where the demand for both domestic and international solutions is high. By connecting Danish businesses with the right key stakeholders in California, Denmark helps Danish businesses with expanding to an exciting market while simultaneously contributing California's effort in reaching their ambitious green goals.


Therefore, EEA connects the Californian market with Danish best practices. Our team of advisors have the required knowledge of the Californian market and the resources needed to help Danish businesses, who brings in the solutions.


Please feel free to contact any of our experts or commercial advisors. Their contact information is found below.

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