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Water & Environment

California faces challenges with water scarcity, minimizing water loss, and reducing the water sector’s carbon footprint. Danish companies have the know-how and solutions to assist the utilities in developing a sustainable water sector, and The Water Advisory at The Trade Council is your gateway to the water market in California.

The water advisory in california

In California, reducing GHG emissions and developing a sustainable environment are core issues. By 2045, the state is committed to reach carbon neutrality, and over the coming California has to achieve groundwater sustainability as a part of the Californian Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. Cost-efficient and data driven solutions are key in realizing the ambitious targets, and the state has initiated extensive support programs and progressive legislation to encourage the transition.

California’s increased focus on developing a sustainable water stream presents great opportunities for Danish companies providing expertize and high-quality solutions within:

  • Groundwater and Environment: Groundwater mapping and water protection.
  • Industrial water: Reducing water consumption and minimizing environmental impact in the production.
  • Wastewater treatment: Resource recovery and developing net-zero facilities.
  • Water distribution: Minimizing water loss through pressure management, asset management, leak management and improved metering of water consumption.

The Water Advisory is your strategic partner

Covering the whole water cycle from water distribution, water resource management, wastewater treatment, and sewer systems, the Water Advisory provides full range of services to Danish companies seeking to expand their business or enter the market in California. Through business development, strategic outreach and knowledge sharing, the Water Advisory strives to assist Danish companies in California.

Read more about our services and areas of expertise here.

Flagship project: Mapping the Groundwater in California

Since 2018, the Water Technology Alliance have been actively engaged in the Stanford Groundwater Architecture Project (GAP). With scarce groundwater resources in California, GAP was initiated in 2018, to prevent lowering water levels and loss of groundwater storage. The legislation to develop a more sustainable approach to groundwater management in California is in place, however, the method and data needs to be tested. With key stakeholders including, amongst others, Rambøll, I-GIS, Stanford University, the state of California Department of Water and the Danish EPA, the project aims to determine the optimal workflow required to use the geophysical imaging method as the basis for sustainable groundwater management. Read more about the project here.

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