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Green Government partnership on energy and climate policy in California

The Consulate General of Denmark in Silicon Valley spearheads the green Government-to-Government cooperation between Denmark and California within energy efficiency and renewable energy.


Denmark and California share goals and ambitions as two of the world’s frontrunners in green energy transition, energy efficiency and reducing GHG emissions – and now the two frontrunners also share experiences on policy, innovation, and green technologies in order to reach carbon neutrality.

California is world-renowned for its leadership on climate action, decarbonization, sustainability, and cleantech innovation. Denmark has more than 40 years of experience in greening its energy system and some of the experience that Denmark has acquired now serves as inspiration for California to achieve its ambitious goals. Similarly, Californian policies, innovation and clean-tech can contribute to the Danish energy transition. Denmark is a small nation with world-leading expertise and combined with California’s climate leadership the partnership can serve as a catalyst to a greener global climate transition.

Currently, the cooperation focuses on energy efficiency and decarbonization in buildings and industry, as well as offshore wind where both governments share best practices, exchange data and approaches and organize seminars, workshops and meetings between the Danish Energy Agency and the California Energy Commission.  

The Consulate General in Silicon Valley’s energy team is the Danish spearhead of the cooperation and facilitate exchanges between the government agencies, local partners and authorities as well as private businesses to facilitate mutual learnings and benefits between Denmark and California.

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