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Welcome to Denmark in Silicon Valley. We offer exciting internship opportunities twice a year across various positions. On this page you can find information about the positions, application windows, common questions and much more.

intern in silicon valley An experience of a lifetime

Do you want the chance to embark on a unique learning journey in Silicon Valley? As an intern with Denmark in Silicon Valley, you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills while at the same time growing and learning as you experience the world's tech-hub in real life. As an intern with us, you will become part of a dedicated and ambitious team, driving innovation, technology and diplomacy in Silicon Valley.

Key dates, positions and requirements

Internship periods

In Silicon Valley, we offer six month internships starting twice a year.

  • Spring: February 1st - July 31st
  • Autumn: August 1st - January 31st

Application windows for each period typically begin five to six months prior to actual start date. This page will be updated with specific dates a few weeks before a new application window opens. 

Positions available

Denmark in Silicon Valley comprises many entities in one house, meaning we also offer exciting positions within multiple fields. Our positions will be certain to challenge and develop you whether you're passionate about innovation, startup ecosystems and business, a marketing aficionado looking to take your skills to next level, a green frontrunner seeking to make climate impact or perhaps technology, diplomacy and regulation drives your energy. 

Typically, we recruit talents for the following roles:

  • Innovation Internship (3 roles)
  • Energy & Environment Internship (1 role)
  • Marketing & Communication Internship, focused on innovation and public diplomacy (1 role)
  • TechPlomacy Communication Internship, focused on tech and politics (1 role)
  • TechPlomacy Political Internship (1 role)

Requirements to apply

To apply for an internship with Denmark in Silicon Valley, it is a prerequisite that you are currently enrolled in an education at a Danish higher education institute. Furthermore, you must be able to express yourself orally and written in Danish and English.

quote ikon
The internship was a unique opportunity to work in a global tech hub, surrounded by a highly skilled fast-paced community. It greatly accelerated my personal and professional growth, serving as an invaluable stepping stone for my professional future.
Anne-Sofie M. Intern at Denmark in Silicon Valley, spring 2023


Frequently asked questions

How is the recruitment process?

Once the application window opens, we encourage you to send your application as soon as possible. We review applications and schedule interviews on an ongoing basis, and will close recruitment for each position once we've found the right candidate. If you are invited for an interview, you can in general expect to be called in for one - although we in some cases invite two interviews. The interview will be held as an online meeting, and you will be notified beforehand should there be a case to solve in connection with the interview.  

What makes the mission in Silicon Valley special?

Denmark in Silicon Valley is a special place within The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As the only mission in the world, it comprises multiple entities under one roof, acting as home to: The Consulate General of Denmark, Innovation Centre Denmark, Invest in Denmark, The Trade Council, DenmarkBridge and The Office of The Tech Ambassador. This means you will have the chance to be exposed to our wide network in Silicon Valley, where we across the entities actively engage with Californian stakeholders and partners to build bridges between Denmark and California.

How many interns are there at Denmark in Silicon Valley?

The number of interns at Denmark in Silicon Valley can vary from semester to semester. Typically, we hire three interns for the Innovation positions and one intern for each of the remaining positions. You will therefore be a group of interns working together throughout your internship with us. It is our experience that the groups of interns benefit greatly from each other both throughout and after the internship in Silicon Valley.

How will my development be nurtured?

As part of our team, it is a key priority for us that you develop and thrive throughout your internship with Denmark in Silicon Valley. Relocating and settling in a new country and job can be an overwhelming experience, and therefore we do our very best to help you along the way. You will be assigned a supervisor who works within the same area as you. Your supervisor will assign your tasks, help you prioritise and be your professional sparring partner. On top, you will be given a mentor who will help you whenever you need someone to talk to, whether it's on a personal or professional level, ensuring that you are on a positive development path throughout your time with us.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

Yes, you can apply for multiple positions within Denmark in Silicon Valley. However, to ensure a smooth recruitment proces, you must prioritise between the positions you apply for and disclose your prioritisation at the time of application. We strive to take priorities into account, but we cannot guarantee that you will be selected for your first priority only should you be invited for an interview.

Is the internship paid, and can I bring my SU?

The internship is unpaid, however, we do provide a monthly housing grant to support paying for your accommodation. The size of the grant will be shared with you during the interview process. We know from experience that former interns eligible for receiving SU have been able to bring their SU with them during the internship, but it is your own responsibility to check up on this and we are not able to assist you in this regard. We recommend you to read more here.

Where should I live during my time in California?

It is your own responsibility to find accommodation during your internship. Typically, the group of interns find joint housing in San Francisco and live together during the internship.