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About Us

Welcome to Denmark in Silicon Valley. The Consulate General and Innovation Centre Denmark aim to build bridges between Denmark and the U.S. to ensure a sustainable future.

Globalization and rapid technological development present new opportunities for growth. To continue to prosper, Denmark depends on the ability to build strong relationships with partners in the U.S. Furthermore, it is necessary for Denmark to expand trade and market access, to continue innovating, to be at the forefront of technological developments, to foster research collaboration and to attract knowledge and investments. We assist Denmark with those endeavors.
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Building bridges for a sustainable future

We provide services to companies, research and educational institutions, public stakeholders and Danish citizens and society. We assist Danish entrepreneurs in navigating the world-class innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley seeking to scale their business. Larger companies can find assistance with access to markets, partners and new technologies that can give companies a competitive edge.

We also facilitate research collaboration between leading Danish and Californian research institutions, and promote entrepreneurship in education in Denmark through innovative fellowship programs.

Furthermore, we partner with Californian authorities on water and energy, promoting sustainable solutions to challenges in California. And we attract investment to Denmark, based on a deep knowledge of Danish positions of strength.

We disseminate insights into trends, technological developments and new business models to stakeholders in Denmark, contributing to the debate in Denmark about how we engage the future and grasp the opportunities following in the wake of globalisation and technological developments.

meet the teams

We are looking forward to hearing from you, please follow the links below to meet management and dedicated advisors.

Innovation Centre Denmark 

Consulate General of Denmark

a collaboration between two ministries

Innovation Centre Denmark is a collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Denmark. Our office in Silicon Valley is one out of seven Innovation Centres globally, working for innovation and growth in Denmark.