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Digital Technologies

Silicon Valley has seen the development of some of the most advanced digital technologies and transformative, data-driven business models. Understanding the opportunities and challenges of new technologies have become crucial for organisations navigating the future. Learn how we can assist you in getting insight into the must-know digital technologies and how they are applied.

Everywhere around us

Digital technologies have reached a level of commercial and strategic importance, and should now be prioritized as a set of crucial tools for businesses — tools that can ensure increased efficiency and give access to new opportunities. Quantum Computing, Crypto, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, 5G, Blockchain, Biohacking, Robotics, Cybersecurity and related technologies are no longer limited to making an impact in the tech Industry. Digital technologies are present in all industries, and most have gone from buzzword to must-have. Or at least, that should be the case, as Big Tech is investing heavily, comprehensively and often in emerging as well as maturing technologies.

Silicon Valley will continue to use its understanding of digital technologies to challenge traditional industries and market leaders. The large technology companies, ambitious start-ups and talented researchers in the ecosystem focus on developing technologies with the power to transform existing industries and give birth to new ones. In this way, established tech companies and tech entrepreneurs are ready to conquer traditional industries such as energy & utility, healthcare, education and finance. In fact, they are already at it, and major cost-intensive strategic battles between corporate giants regarding ClimateTech, HealthTech, and FinTech are ongoing.

Combining Connections, Tech Insights and Industry Experience

Innovation Centre Denmark focuses on digital technologies to prepare Denmark for the future of doing business. With that mission in mind, we aspire to serve companies who are specialized in developing digital technologies that could challenge the status quo, as well as companies in more traditional industries at risk of being outcompeted. ICDK assists by providing:

  1. inspiration on how to benefit from digital technologies,
  2. intelligence on relevant movements by the digital frontrunners in Silicon Valley, and
  3. access to resources (including talent, capital and knowledge) that can turn great ideas into cases of commercial success.

ICDK is following the latest tech trends closely and offers unique services by combining observations with an understanding of the traditional industries and an extensive Silicon Valley network. Services include:

  • Access to talent, investors and corporate partners in the innovative eco-system.
  • Insights on market trends, funding opportunities and competitor activity.
  • Assistance on market entry, local establishment and incubation initiatives.
  • Facilitation of joint technology ventures and innovation deep dives.
  • Learning programmes on emerging technologies and industry developments.

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