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Future of leadership

We set out to explore leadership challenges for top leaders in Denmark. Do drivers such as digitalization, globalization, automation, ESGs, and SDGs need more attention in the boardroom and on the executive level? We summoned top executives and directors to raise the questions for the future of leadership.

Insights to challenge and guide the business leaders of tomorrow

Technology is changing competition across industries in ways never experienced before. The democratization of technology is tearing down barriers of entry to almost every industry and accelerating the rate at which companies can start, scale, succeed and disrupt, changing the competitive landscape and rapidly altering the dynamics of the battle between incumbents and insurgents. Every industry is being redefined by innovation and technology — especially those attacked by “Big Tech.”

“Modern leadership actively needs to address the stream of global issues from political and macroeconomic uncertainties, cyber and technological risks, climate and sustainability, and disruptive technologies, to individuals shaping the business landscape of today. It takes a new form of leadership (dynamics) to embrace the challenges and facilitate the necessary transformation.” That summarizes the overall challenges identified by some of the most experienced and insightful Danish board professionals.

Through extensive research, along with expert interviews and workshops in Copenhagen and Silicon Valley, the Future of Leadership project sets out to challenge existing answers and engrained beliefs and explore new perspectives on leadership. The purpose of the project was to arm leaders with relevant questions, start conversations and inspire exploration.

Perspectives were offered from Silicon Valley institutions like Stanford, UC Berkeley, Lyft, Kapor Capital, Onset Ventures, ConsenSys, GitCoin and Salesforce. Questions were addressed on how leadership needs to consider timing, team, governance, competition, partnerships, resilience, ecosystem, impact and sustainability etc. with a much higher level of uncertainty in a fiercer and ever-faster-moving world than their predecessors could have imagined.

The project was executed in partnership with faculty, alumni, students and stakeholders from Bestyrelsesforeningen and Scandinavian Executive Institute.

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