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Applied Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence provides countless opportunities for organisations who embrace the technology. Through workshops with peers and meeting leading AI experts Danish companies can get valuable insights to how they can benefit from AI.

Learning how to master AI in your organisation

AI Is Rethinking Everything We Do

With the rapid development in computing power, algorithms and access to big data, artificial intelligence will provide new and exciting opportunities, transforming businesses and societies. Silicon Valley is home to the largest global tech giants, which have built their entire business models on data. The Bay Area is also a world hotspot for AI, with +$30 billion invested in artificial intelligence start-ups in recent years. For companies and institutions ready to embrace AI technology, Silicon Valley offers important insights into challenges and opportunities in the application of AI.

Through a partnership with “Akademiet for Tekniske Videnskaber,” Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley is implementing an AI Academy, providing Danish stakeholders with key learnings. The goal is to enable participants to understand the potential of AI and devise strategies for applying AI to reach their business goals and stay competitive.

AI Academy participants go through the process of first identifying challenges and obstacles to AI in their own business. Subject matter experts facilitate this process and ensure that a robust plan is developed. Participants go through a week-long intensive programme in Silicon Valley, where they get the opportunity to engage with leading AI experts. In-person visits make this experience engaging and immersive and create partnerships and relationships that last beyond the visit. Follow-up after return to Denmark ensures that learnings translate into tangible benefits and each participant joins a network of like-minded people for further knowledge-sharing and inspiration.

The AI Academy is a recurring series and can be tailormade with a focus on specific industries or groups of people.

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