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Change through technology

Digital technologies are changing the global business landscape, competition is fierce and organizations must evolve with increasing pace. As the COVID-19 crisis has underlined, digital transformation has become an imperative. Silicon Valley and other tech hubs provide important learnings that can take Danish executives a step ahead.

Transformation insights from around the globe

Silicon Valley is the world’s most innovative technology hub and home to digital giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Netflix. Spending billions of dollars on acquisitions in everything from healthcare to supermarkets, they challenge legacy industries with digital business models combining Big Data with Artificial Intelligence.

Other hubs are also gaining ground. Chinese companies such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are becoming formidable challengers to most industries, while India boasts FinTech competences, such as the India Stack with 1.26 billion users, which is poised to influence the world. Interesting digital developments also come from smaller countries, like Israel, which today has the highest density of start-up companies of any country in the world.

In light of this, Innovation Centre Denmark assisted the Danish IT University in developing a proprietary learning programme to empower Danish leaders with global perspectives on digital transformation. As part of an ITU accredited course, representatives from well-established Danish companies and the public sector were offered a four-day around-the-globe virtual programme at the IT University of Copenhagen, enabling participants to prepare an action plan for approaching digital transformation within their own organizations.

Digital opportunities and threats were illustrated by academics from UC Berkeley and Stanford, while thought and industry leaders from all over the world presented their perspectives on digital transformation. The course included presentations from Amazon, Chinese digital challengers such as TikTok, Indian IT giant Infosys with 242,000 employees, and Israeli experts all providing insights about the latest developments in cybersecurity.

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