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Research & Education

Silicon Valley is home to world-leading universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley and University of California, San Francisco. It is one of our core missions at the Innovation Centre to plug into the best research communities at these institutions and help build bridges to relevant researchers at Danish universities and in private companies.
The top-ranked Californian universities are not only home to some of the best researchers in the world, but are at the same time world-famous for their entrepreneurial mind-set and ability to spin out new unicorn companies and disruptive technologies. Often, these are rooted in strong interdisciplinary science, where researchers with different scientific backgrounds work together on solving ambitious scientific missions.

For Danish universities and educational institutions, there is a lot to gain from working together with the best American research environments, not only in terms of access to the newest knowledge but also in terms of establishing exchange programmes and educational opportunities for Danish researchers and students.
In Silicon Valley we have a long tradition of working closely together with all the main universities and research centers and we can help setting up partnerships and collaborative agreements with UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, UC Merced and Stanford.

We can also help organizing scientific workshops, arrange study visits to the U.S. and facilitate other types of research collaboration between Danish researchers, institutions and stakeholders, which supports international exchange of knowledge on tomorrow's technologies and innovations.

Typically, this is done within areas of high mutual interest such as climate change, green transition or future health care, and within areas and topics where a --clear win-win can be established for both the U.S. and Danish partners.

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