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Life Science Education & Business Partnerships

The Bioinnovator initiative, aims to infuse Danish Life Science Innovation with Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial spirit. This program offers Danish entrepreneurs and scientists unique opportunities for global engagement, education enhancement in life sciences, and a push towards market-driven research. Similarly, the DARE program, seeks to establish educational and research partnerships with Silicon Valley's top medical institutions, offering Danish medical students a chance to engage in cutting-edge research and entrepreneurial activities.


The Bioinnovator initiative stands as a collaborative venture with the Novo Nordisk Foundation, aimed at integrating Life Science Innovation and Entrepreneurship into the Danish landscape. This program opens doors to unparalleled learning experiences, drawing insights from Silicon Valley's robust and vibrant entrepreneurial network.

This initiative's vision to bridge the gap between Danish entrepreneurs, scientists, and start-up ventures has fostered prosperous partnerships, extending well beyond the life of the program. Such engagements have enhanced Denmark's global reach and educational wealth.  Two programs are held every year.

Bioinnovator aims to:

  • Enhance the quality of education for students in the life sciences domain, and broaden the global opportunities for Danish students specializing in life sciences, medical technology and devices, computer science, engineering, and affiliated disciplines.
  • Provide Danish students with an insider’s perspective on innovation and entrepreneurship that will serve as a valuable asset in their future professional lives.
  • Boost the influx of Danish students into research roles that emphasize commercial viability and innovation, motivating scientists to transition their findings to the marketplace.





DARE represents a a long term strategic alliance with the Lundbeck Foundation, designed to bolster cooperative ventures and educational exchange in the Life Science sector among premier medical institutions in Silicon Valley, including  Stanford University and UC SF.

This program provides Danish medical students with unparalleled prospects for research partnerships, under the guidance of globally distinguished experts in their respective fields, many of whom have earned international accolades and honors for their contributions. One program a year.

DARE aims to:

  • Establish lasting global partnerships in education and research
  • Promote the development of pioneering research and extensive clinical proficiency
  • Enhance students' abilities in research methodology and clinical problem-solving
  • Expose medical students to the innovative thinking and entrepreneurship of Silicon Valley

The program includes a so-called "10 Dollar Challenge," which is a six-month initiative within Silicon Valley, It immerses participants in the region's extraordinary culture of entrepreneurship. This program assembles students from diverse disciplines to collaboratively devise a medical innovation project, with the stipulation that each solution must not exceed a $10 cost per use. Throughout the development of their project, they receive mentorship and advice from some of the most seasoned and successful entrepreneurs/VC's in the area.

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