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The healthcare industry in Silicon Valley has experienced a rapid transformation forced by new technologies. This creates great learnings and insights that can be used to innovate and digitalize the Danish Healthcare and Life Science industry. Read more about our services within Healthtech.

The Future of Healthcare Is Digital

The nature of healthcare is changing rapidly. Data and digitalization is playing an increasing role, and the transformation of the industry is to a large extent rooted in Silicon Valley. With BigTech companies moving massively and quickly into the healthcare space, traditional companies need to transition and innovate to remain competitive and relevant. Leveraging new technologies, data and artificial intelligence is of paramount importance to the Danish Health Tech industry, which is one of the largest export sectors in Denmark.

The HealthTech team at Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley supports Danish businesses, Government Agencies, entrepreneurs and students. Our programs ensure that companies and innovators of Denmark are at the forefront of the latest developments and updated on future trends. We facilitate knowledge and partnerships that strengthen the ability of Danish companies to compete in a global market and enable companies, entrepreneurs and researchers to learn and collaborate directly with their counterparts in Silicon Valley.

We offer our services within three key areas;

Diagnosis and Patient Monitoring

Innovation and technical improvements are driving a fast-growing segment of medical device and diagnostics with an emphasis on AI-supported imaging, patient monitoring using wearables, and evolving options for contactless treatments like telehealth.  With over 400 companies in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area focusing on this, there are ample opportunities to get inspired, learn and cooperate.

Data & AI

Data and AI play an ever-increasing role in the Life Science and Healthcare industry, with more than $1.5B invested in the last five years. ICDK facilitates insights about and provides access to tools that will help Danish organizations get on par with the newest and latest technologies and apply and leverage these in order to understand how AI can become more than just a buzzword.

Research and Education

With some of the best universities of the world in close proximity, ICDK has access to top scientists and thought leaders. ICDK facilitates collaboration and sharing of knowledge that will benefit researchers and developers of innovative solutions.

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