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Are you building a technology start-up and looking to scale globally? Do you want to establish a network in the innovation capital of the world consisting of new investors and partners? We can help you with internationalization through programs made for start-ups and founders who want to scale their business and get into the Silicon Valley mindset.

Going Global Through Silicon Valley

With an increased need for Danish start-ups to succeed in international markets, it is essential to understand the different demands, opportunities and methods that drive global markets. Silicon Valley holds several Fortune 500 headquarters and more than 500 venture capital firms and is home to the leading tech start-ups of the world, making it a natural location for early-stage tech start-ups to look towards for internationalization.

Since the creation of the first ICDK internationalization program, more than 200 Danish start-ups have experienced great results through feedback on their product and business model, testing and validating in an international market, refining their business, gaining funding opportunities, and obtaining an invaluable international network.

More than 25 internationalization programmes have executed intense boot camps with peer-to-peer sessions, inspiring and honest keynotes, hands-on workshops and hard-truth investor pitch events. Through exposure to Silicon Valley venture capitalists, accelerators, and innovators and international founders that train, advice and educate, the participants are introduced to an incredible concentration of brilliant entrepreneurship professionals and first-hand experience of going-global knowledge and insights.

Start-ups view the bootcamps as an excellent catalyst in gaining the right network for international investment opportunities in Silicon Valley — opportunities hard to see from behind the office desk in Denmark.

Founders and Innovators Summit is created to offer a unique opportunity for early-stage Danish start-ups to learn from the world’s most successful businesses, tech leaders, and big brands at the forefront of innovation, such as Lyft, Google, Kickstarter, Zoom, Slack, LinkedIn, and Stanford University. 

Most programs are carried out in collaboration with Danish partners such as Innovationsfonden and Erhvervshus NordJylland (SCALEit) and IT-Forum (Founders and Innovators Summit), TechBBQ (SaaStr) among others. 

The participants are introduced to local entrepreneurs and professionals who teach the elements of Silicon Valley, a US tech hub that raises ~50B$ annually. Participation in Start-up Grind’s Global Conference, moreover, opens access to a large international network with more than 10,000 people from all over the world participating.

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SCALEit has meant the world to us and our company. It's by far the most valuable company program I have ever participated in. Very useful, ambitious and so well planned. I could only wish for all start-ups to have the chance to attend.

Morten Resen, CEO Mambeno & GoLittle

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