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Corporate Innovation

Silicon Valley has some of the highest concentration of venture capital in the world, and entrepreneurs and founders from around the globe comes to Silicon Valley to explore innovation strategies. We have the right network of entrepreneurs and experts to give your company the insight you need to be in the forefront of corporate innovation.

An Intrapreneurial Leadership Journey through Silicon Valley 

Being the centre of many technological developments of the world, Silicon Valley is often referred to as the innovation capital of the world, and the area is characterized by open boundaries between investors, universities, and companies that create a unique innovation ecosystem.

To learn how entrepreneurs construct and execute innovation and internationalization strategies in Silicon Valley, ICDK created an intrapreneurial leadership programme for the innovation team of one of Denmark’s C25.

The innovation team ran strategically important projects across the world and was looking to improve their innovation framework. The program planned by ICDK should aim to strengthen the collaboration in the innovation team and help the team learn, be inspired and support strategic decisions through the Silicon Valley mindset.

Through a process starting in Denmark, the innovation team brought their actual projects to Silicon Valley facing a learning journey with contributions, challenges and valuable insights from Stanford, tech experts from SRI, and in-depth discussions with VC’s from funds such as ONSET Ventures, Quest Venture Partners and Tau Ventures. The group also attended Impact’s innovation conference, and customized sessions by Silicon Valley experts within innovation and entrepreneurship. The program concluded in Denmark, where the innovation team created revised strategies for their projects based on their learnings.

Through the intrapreneurial leadership program the team learned new ways on how to approach innovation within the organization by the means of their newly acquired experience and insights from Silicon Valley.

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