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Innovation Project 2018

The Future of Work

What does the future of work hold? What is driving the change? And what will it mean for businesses, organizations and individuals? Read more about some of the key insights and drivers behind the future of work and the impact it can have on you and your organization.

new conditions and new answers

Work is continuously shaped and redefined by a broad range of factors that push the boundaries of work capacity. Technology is a powerful driver that influences human activity at every level of society and culture. Cheap and fast computing devices supported by advanced high-speed networks promise to link every person, institution and object together regardless of time or place.

This relatively recent interconnectedness has brought the world closer together and has created innovative accessibility to international talent, marketplaces and knowledge. A more global access is creating new possibilities for both businesses, individuals and organizations, while also representing new, as yet unaddressed, challenges for action.

With this project, we sought to identify, describe and – to an extent – answer some of the challenges brought on by the technological and societal changes reshaping the nature of work. The project focuses on four core pillars of the future of work:

  • The Future of Learning
  • The Future of Education
  • The Future Workforce
  • The Future of Leadership

The project consists of three Danish challenges, an analysis of higher education in the U.S and eight American perspectives. The project also includes two visual representations that illustrate key concepts and themes of the folders.

Danish challenges a deep dive into the many facets of the future of work, based on current challenges faced by Danish partners. All of them take unique approaches to the challenges posed by the future of work. These insights help better to understand the coming challenges, and how the U.S. perspectives might serve as possible solutions to these encounters. It also explores a variety of new actors within the educational space that are challenging the traditional models of education. It outlines a few of the key signs, cases and drivers for change in higher education, business and society at large.


American perspectives a closer look at eight select organizations from Silicon Valley that point toward what the future of work holds for us. Become inspired by these innovative companies that are creating waves with some of the latest methods, technologies and approaches while trying to help both companies and institutions prepare for the future of work.

The Illustrations

...present a short overview of specific knowledge obtained from the project. The Road to the Future presents a narrative that concretizes the possible application of American perspectives in the future to overcome the challenges, some of which many will be exposed to over a lifetime of learning, working and living.

The Tensions of the Future summarizes the core trends of the future of learning, work and leadership, presented throughout the project. Tensions are not a value judgment from ICDK’s side, but rather should only serve to showcase the depth and width of the debate and the kaleidoscopic interpretations for the future of work and education.

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