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Life Science Education Partnerships

Our international International Innovation Project (2iP) program offers students from universities in Denmark the chance to immerse themselves in research and study in California for five months. The program is sponsored by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and enrolls 5 top-talented Master students within the life science fields in a company project in Silicon Valley.

Entrepreneurship and research fellowships

International Innovation Project (2IP) is a strategic partnership with the Novo Nordisk Foundation and brings Life Science Innovation and entrepreneurship closer to Denmark. The program offers unique opportunities to learn and grow by learning from the flourishing and dynamic ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

The idea of bringing start-up companies closer to Danish entrepreneurs and scientists has resulted in thriving collaborations beyond the program — bringing internationalization and knowledge to Denmark.

2IP aims to:

  • Improve student education in the life science field and increase the international mobility of Danish students within life science, medical technology/devices, computer science, engineering and other related fields
  • Give Danish students an opportunity to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship from “the inside” that can benefit them later in their careers
  • Increase the number of Danish students entering research with a commercial and innovative focus, encouraging scientists to bring results to the market


Danish American Research Exchange (DARE)

is a long-term strategic partnership with the Lundbeck Foundation aiming to enhance collaboration and learning within the Life Science industry at the top medical Universities in Silicon Valley; Stanford and UCSF.

The program offers a unique opportunity for research collaboration for Danish medical students mentored by some of the world’s foremost researchers within their field, many of them rewarded with international prizes and recognitions for their work.

The DARE Programme aims to:

  • Create enduring international teaching and research collaborations
  • Help advance the cutting-edge, broad portfolio research and clinical expertise
  • Increase students research and clinical design skills
  • Expose medical students to the innovative thinking and entrepreneurship of Silicon Valley

The participants are further exposed to the exceptional entrepreneurial spirit in Silicon Valley through the “10 Dollar Challenge,” a six-month programme that brings together students from different fields — together, they must come up with a project that offers a new medical innovation that does not cost more than $10 per transaction. As the project takes shape, some of the area’s finest and most experienced entrepreneurs offer mentoring and guidance.

Read more about the challenge in the article below and find more about the programme at

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