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Strategic Business Alliances

Is your company looking to export to California, but have difficulties gaining access? The export potential of your company can be increased by entering into an export alliance, delivering turnkey solutions  instead of single products. In California, there are opportunities within the water sector..

North American actors in the water industry consider Danish technologies and water expertise as leading. This creates a sweet spot for Danish water companies looking to develop their business platform and be part of the solution to North American water and environmental challenges. 

Water technology alliance 

The WTA model is a best-practice model that creates concrete export results by strategically allying Danish water companies wanting to expand their export efforts and/or innovate their technologies and solutions based on international knowledge-share. 

How do we do it?

The WTA works operationally to expand the knowledge bank, expose and match Danish solutions to market demands. Furthermore, the WTA acts as a full solutions provider within four water streams: Water distribution, water resource management, wastewater treatment, and sewer systems.  

We provide variety of services such as strategic business analysis and planning, corporate establishment, strategic market entry, stakeholder engagement, business development and partner building. 

Read more about Water Technology Alliance here.

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