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Startup Services

Are you building a technology start-up and seeking new investors and partners? Do you want to establish a network in the innovation capital of the world and learn how to scale your company through Silicon Valley? 

With the highest concentration of venture capital in the world, entrepreneurs and founders from around the globe comes to Silicon Valley to explore the possibility to scale their companies, and get into the Silicon Valley mindset: The mindset that your startup can become the next billion dollar company. 

ICDK's startup programs give Danish entrepreneurs a fast-track access to this world-renowned ecosystem. We have the right network of entrepreneurs, investors and experts - a network that would otherwise take months to build. 

  • SCALEit
    The SCALEit boot camp is our signature product offering. It is a four-week startup boot camp designed to bridge Danish startups with Silicon Valley. The program includes online mentoring, a workshop in Denmark and a one-week boot camp in Silicon Valley itself. During the week in Silicon Valley, Danish entrepreneurs will get invaluable feedback on their business model, meet potential investors and build their own Silicon Valley network.
  • Incubation
    Need a presence in Silicon Valley, but do not necessarily need a physical presence here. ICDK can do it for you. Through us, you can get a central location in Silicon Valley and access to experienced consultants with a relevant and extensive network. We can constitute the ideal starting point for any company that wish to engage with the Silicon Valley ecosystem. We will open your mail, answer the phone on your behalf as well as give your access to our consultants (read more here). 
  • Customized services 
    If you have a specific problem or opportunity relating to Silicon Valley, we stand ready to work directly with you and your company. Contact us so we together can help you take your company to the next level. 


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