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Green Partnerships

Denmark and California are two of the world’s frontrunners within energy and environment, with highly ambitious energy, climate, and environmental goals, providing fertile grounds for cooperation.

At the Consulate General of Denmark and Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley we work to facilitate green partnerships and drive market development towards achieving the ambitious goals of Denmark and California, by uniting the latest in green technological developments with bold energy policies.

Denmark has a decade-long tradition for focusing on green and efficient energy and water technology to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions as well as securing clean drinking water. California has a strong track record of developing, implementing and scaling such innovative technologies and initiatives, in unison with supportive state policies.

In Silicon Valley, we are committed to promoting Danish-Californian collaboration sharing knowledge and best practice between governments, utilities, NGO’s, research institutions and private sector companies. By drawing on the excellent and innovative ecosystems and green solutions from both sides of the Atlantic – ranging from energy efficiency components and electrolysis to water purification methods – we contribute to achieving our climate ambitions of today while setting new ones for tomorrow.

Read more and find the contact information for our skilled team of advisors who are ready to work with you on all aspects of relevant green technology, policy and regulatory frameworks as well as development of commercial opportunities to generate mutual benefits for California and Denmark.

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