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The Sound of Denmark

Denmark is one of the world's pioneering countries within sound and audiotechnology. Experts gathered in Silicon Valley to discuss how Denmark and the U.S. can continue to collobarate like the inventors of the Elecrodynamic Loudspeaker did in 1915.

In 1915 did the Dane, Peter Laurits Jensen, and his American partner, Edwin Pridham, present their pioneering invention, “The Electrodynamic Loudspeaker” in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

On August 19th, 2019, did Invest in Denmark host an audio roundtable discussion about the future scene of sound technology at the Silicon Valley office in Palo Alto. Because Denmark is one of the world’s pioneering countries, when it comes to sound and audio technology. This is the perfect fit to the United States which has the world’s largest sound ecosystems. That was to say in 1915 and is still true today. The impact the two countries made to sound technology back in 1915 was profound and the potential for mutually similar collaborations nowadays are countless.

Among the participants at the event was numerous of Danish and American sound and audio experts – counting world leading university researchers, the Danish Roskilde Music Festivals sound R&D partnership, brand new audio companies and corporations with the latest in aircraft efficient noise cancelling technology.

Why Denmark and sound?

“I believe that Denmark's great comparative advantage is that at our universities and in our sound companies, we have mixed skills. We have both those who make audio for the music industry and we have those who make sound for hearing aids, we have those who go as consultants and measure noise and does a great job of regulating space, designing buildings with the ideal sound quality. These competences are mixed together in both universities and companies, whereas when I come to other countries, they are usually separate. That is why I believe that the Danish way of gathering competences contributes to creating Denmark's strong position in sound globally,”

says Professor Dorte Hammershøi from University of Aalborg, when she is asked, why Denmark back when Peter Laurits Jensen invented the Loudspeaker in 1915 and still to this day is the European capital of sound technology? Professor Dorte Hammershøi is glad to be at the event in Silicon Valley just miles away from the key Danish-American collaboration within sound. And she is looking forward for new similar collaborations.

Jens Kirkelund Madsen, Senior Director, Global Audio Engineering at Jabra, spoke in his presentation about his own experience and career within the sound business.

“I was working with the making sound for the first 10 years of my career, but then I saw that Denmark was under intense competition from other countries who also wanted to make great sound. That was why I jumped to other areas for a 15-year period. Before coming back six years ago. Now again working with sound and it has been fantastic and we in Denmark have really positioned ourselves as the best in the business, when it comes to sound technology.”

The event showed that sound and audio technology is a Danish stronghold. And Denmark is aiming to keep the progress going.




"Sound of Denmark" was hosted by Invest in Denmark in Palo Alto, California.

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