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Future of Education

The traditional model for higher education is under increasing pressure from technological developments and unconventional competitors. In this Outlook report, we look into how online learning provides new alternatives for the individual to educate themselves, and how demands to both the content and form of education has changed.

The outlook from Silicon Valley - the end of universities?

In Silicon Valley many new actors within education are emerging to shake up the traditional model of education by utilizing technology to either deliver education in new ways (e.g. online) or change the content of classic education by being more job-centric and digitally focused in its learning objectives and curriculum. Debates surrounding the future of work furthermore generate a push for ensuring a workforce that is complementary to robots, and not competing with them.

By examining current trends, we have identified two main tracks:
1) The impact of the new educational alternatives on the shape of education and
2) the implications of the future of work on the demand for skills and content being delivered in the educational system.

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The purpose of this ICDK Outlook is to describe current technology-driven trends in higher education and the outlook from Silicon Valley. The report is meant to serve as inspiration to Danish universities interested in expanding further into digitalized or online education.

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