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ICDK Outlook

American Drone Research

The field of civilian drones is undergoing rapid development and is spreading to a number of different sectors. The combination of increasing price competition and new technologies makes drones accessible to many more people.



The field of drones is rapidly expanding as drones are evolving beyond their military origin to become a potentially very useful tool in a number of different sectors such as construction, agriculture, and journalism. The market for private drones is developing very rapidly, and revenues from drones are projected to top $12 billion in 2012 compared to $8 billion in 2015

The Danish Government’s Drone Strategy from 2016 has set a framework for the technological and commercial development for the use of drones. The strategy includes an ambition to promote the internationalization of Danish drone research and industry. To help realize this goal, the government mapped seven global hot spots for research collaboration in 2017. In this report, we take a deep dive into one central hotspot: USA. Innovation Centre Denmark, Silicon Valley has mapped potential collaborators at some of the leading universities in the United States within drone research and drone education. This ICDK Outlook outlines these potential collaborators after a brief introduction to the status of the field of drones and a resume of the current American drone legislation.


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With this report, we hope to inspire Danish institutions of higher education to seek out and explore possible collaborations with American partners in the field of drone research.

The United States in one of the absolute frontrunners in the field, and a great potential has been identified for research collaboration between Danish and American universities.