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MASTERCLASS, April 27 - may 1, 2020

Future of Work Masterclass 2020 

Innovation Centre Denmark invites you to participate in the Future of Work Masterclass in Silicon Valley in April 2020 where you will gain inspiration and insight on how new technology will impact the future of work, and what leaders needs to consider facing this new and changing reality.


Emerging technologies are changing the way work is defined and carried out. Entire industries are disrupted and organizations need their workers to possess different sets of skills. New learning platforms will change the opportunities to learn and assist in upskilling and reskilling employees, and in a changing world, new ways for education becomes ever more important. Future of Work is five-day Masterclass in Silicon Valley exploring the tendencies of the future.

The journey will support your organization in designing a platform for the future of work. Ultimately, the journey is about removing barriers against human connection, and bringing clarity to the choices that matter. The Masterclass will, moreover, allow you to address individual and organizational challenges.

Through the five days in Silicon Valley, you will gain inspiration from tech pioneers from corporations, institutions, and VC’s based in Silicon Valley, and explore themes such as Emerging Technologies, The Augmented Employee, Lifelong Learning, The Future of Leadership, and Future Ethical Questions.

Silicon valley program

Click the link to see a suggestive program for the Masterclass.

why go?

  • To experience the challenges of new trends and technologies
  • To understand the opportunities of your field and organisation
  • To become part of a strong network across industries in Denmark and Silicon Valley
  • To acquire knowledge from corporations, institutions, startups, and VC's based in the world's epicentre of technology
  • To gain the tools and skills to bring home to use strategically to navigate through and adapt to the ever-changing market
  • To develop your leadership skills

who should go?

Decision-makers and senior leaders who work within the fields of administration, HR, innovation, business development, strategy, digital transformation and beyond. The journey is relevant for you who want to take part in creating a relevant strategy for your organisation's future.

The Masterclass is open for participants from all of the Nordic countries. 


WHEN: April 27th - May 1st 2020

WHERE: Silicon Valley, USA

PRICE: 20.000 DKK ex VAT*

*Does not include cost of travel, meals and accommodation.
Please fill out the information in this form to apply


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want to know more about the Future of Work.