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Future of work ACADEMY, January 27-31, 2020

Lead your organization towards the future of work

Extreme change requires leaders to adopt new forms of leadership. The Future of Work Academy is about setting you up for success by embedding change and innovative tendencies in a Nordic leadership approach. This will enhance your organization’s ability to embrace the future of work.


Nordic businesses are not waiting around to find out when the future begins. They are already navigating volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations through unique methods and values. And you are invited along on the journey towards the future of work!

Innovation Centre Denmark, Transforma & International Management Education (IME) have designed an exploration of innovation and modern-day high performance based on Nordic leadership characteristics. You will experience how this inclusive, trusting and collaborative style holds value as a leadership model for the future.  

The journey will support your organization in designing a platform for the future of work. Ultimately, it is about removing barriers against human connection, and bringing clarity to the choices that matter.


  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Identify your organization's crucial challenges
  • Create a platform for real change
  • Collect inspiration from the innovation front line
  • Establish relationships across organizations and borders

a powerful universe of learning

Real organizational change prerequisites development on both a personal and organizational level. To accomplish this, the learning journey is rooted in a sophisticated framework of psychological elements. Furthermore, the likelihood for change throughout the organization is enhanced by also encompassing sociological dimensions. 

27.01-31.01 JANUARY 2020 future of work academy

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Pre-Workshop 1

Signing up for the Future of Work 

In the sign-up process, participants receive materials to conduct an organizational review. This represents the first step in participants developing a personalized FOW-case with support from key stakeholders. As so, the learning of new trends becomes embedded directly into one’s organizational reality.

Workshop 1

Teaming up for the Future of Work

Date: December 4, 2019 

Time: ½ day / 8AM – 12PM

Place: Henley Business School CPH

Workshop 1 has two purposes:

1) Setting the scene

2) Preparation of the FOW-Case design. 



  • Setting the scene is about introducing the flow of the learning journey and calibrating a mutual framework for the journey ahead.
  • Preparation of the FOW-Case-design is about materializing a relevant and important case /challenge. This is based on a joint discussion of the organizational reviews.

Post Workshop 1

Refining the FOW-Case and anchoring the journey within the organization

Time: January, 2020 

Place: Working within own organization.

In this phase all participants refine their individual FOW-Case. This happens by interacting with and committing key stakeholders from within the organization.
The process has two dimensions

1) Designing and refining a clear FOW-case
2) Preparing a personal action plan


  • Identifying and designing a clear FOW-case is about identifying specific central dilemmas, raising critical questions and framing inhibiting / catalyzing factors related to the future of work. This also entails exchanging feedback with internal stakeholders, which serves to qualify the case.
  • Preparing a personal action plan involves a dynamic process of introspection and feedback. The purpose is to become aware of the personal learning journey needed to accommodate to demands of the future of work.

Academy: The Silicon Valley insight 

Time: January 27-31, 2020 

Place: Silicon Valley, USA

The Academy is structured around five intensive days of inspiration and knowledge. The program provides unique insights from pioneers at the innovation epicenter, whom at the same time represents Nordic Leadership.

Each participant will continuously be working on the organizational case and their personal action plan. This is structured around the following workflow:

  • Reassessing the case from the viewpoint of the Nordic leadership characteristics.
  • Updating the personal action plan
  • Group-Reflection-Sessions based around the implications of moving towards the Future of work (e.g. practical, structural, emotional, professional, relational, financial and cultural implications
  • Individual coaching sessions in order to enhance the individual learning outcome.

Workshop 2

Enacting and implementing the FOW-Case

Date: (TBA) 2020

Time: 1 day/ 8AM-4PM

Place: Transforma DK

Workshop 2 is structured around three main focus areas:

1) Evaluating insights of the learning journey
2) Realtime testing and reassessing plans, strategies & solutions
3) FOW-Certification


  • Evaluating the insights of the learning journey is about unfolding key learnings individually and collectively. As the aim is to increase implementation success, key stakeholders from each participant’s home organization are invited. 
  • Testing strategies and solutions is a phase, where key learnings come alive. A team of professional actors facilitates this by enacting identified solutions to FOW-cases. The aim is to enhance understanding of potential consequences, thus reassessing strategies in the presence of key stakeholders.

    • At the end of the session a FOW-certificate* will be assigned. 

* The FOW-certificate is a certificate of participation validating that each participant has completed the FOW learning journey.

Follow-up sessions

Date: (TBA) 2020

Place: Copenhagen

Tools and aspirations for future challenges

The follow-up-sessions offer a framework of tailor-made blocks of learning focused on the organizational case and designed to support continuity in the implementation process, e.g. via team building, individual performance coaching, skillset development, etc.

Please note: acquired separately – not included in the package


PRE-WORKSHOP 1: Individual preparation

WORKSHOP 1: 4 December, 2019 - Henley Business School, Copenhagen

POST-WORKSHOP 1: January, 2020 - Working within own organization

ACADEMY: 27 - 31 January, 2020 - Silicon Valley, USA

WORKSHOP 2: Date TBA - Transforma DK

FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS: 2020 - Copenhagen


Total Package (incl. step 1-5) DKK 38.000 ex. VAT*

*Price for content. Does not include cost of travel, meals and accommodation.


Register by sending an e-mail to
with the title "Registration FOW". Write your name, company, and contact information.


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want to know more about the Future of Work.